Worn, frayed, and with loose threads, your beloved pair of jeans brings tears to your eyes when you realize you may have found the perfect fit that you never want to part with. But now, the regrets kick in, as you wonder if you’ve unknowingly mistreated them and caused the fabric to wear out.

Did I overwash them, leading to those holes in the fabric? Or was it because I used too much detergent, leaving them in a less-than-ideal condition? These questions may haunt you, but fret not! Here is some valuable advice on how to properly care for and maintain your cherished denim companions, ensuring they enjoy an extended and functional life in our closet.

How often do you have to wash jeans?

Above all, it’s essential to keep in mind that denim or jean fabric doesn’t necessarily thrive in washing machines. Due to its propensity to fade easily, frequent washing is not recommended. Even for jeans worn a few days a week, it’s best to wash them only occasionally. A good rule of thumb is to aim for washing them once or twice a month to preserve their color and quality.

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Tips for washing your jeans in the washing machine

If you plan to wash your jeans in a machine, follow these tips for better results:

Before washing

  • Empty the pockets and check for any paper or ink that could damage the fabric. Close buttons and zippers. Turn the jeans inside out to preserve creases.
  • Give your jeans enough space to avoid damage in the washing machine drum by not overpacking.
  • For the first wash of new denim, it’s best to wash it alone to prevent color bleeding.

During the washing process

  • Use only a teaspoon of detergent and cold water for washing. If you prefer washing with other garments, make sure the water temperature does not exceed 30 degrees.
  • Opt for a short wash cycle and avoid heavy spinning, which can cause distortion and wrinkling.
  • Immediately remove the jeans from the washing machine after the cycle to prevent moisture absorption and unwanted odors.

For hand-washing jeans

  • Like with machine washing, turn the jeans inside out before hand-washing.
  • Fill a sink with cold water and add soap. Submerge the jeans and gently rub any visible food or drink stains.
  • Rinse the jeans thoroughly with plenty of cold water, avoiding twisting to prevent fabric damage.
  • Dry the jeans away from direct sunlight.

By following these tips, you can ensure your jeans maintain their quality and last for a long time!

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