How to Throw a Simple Housewarming Party

Now that you’ve settled into your new home, it’s time to celebrate and share your joy with friends and neighbors. Hosting your first party in a new space may seem overwhelming, but there’s no need to stress. We have plenty of tips and tricks to make hosting a housewarming gathering a breeze.

Keep It Simple

Housewarming parties are often hosted in an “open house” style, where guests are given a general time frame to stop by and greet you (for example, from 2 pm to 5 pm). This format creates a casual and relaxed atmosphere, making the gathering feel less formal. By focusing on an afternoon time slot, such as the one mentioned, you can make things easier for yourself as there is no need to serve a full meal. With lunch already over and dinner still a few hours away, you can simply provide your guests with delicious snacks and beverages. We’ll delve into that in a moment.

Serve Easy Snacks and Drinks

Make your housewarming gathering an opportunity to explore the local grocery stores in your new neighborhood. Take the time to stock up on snacks that catch your eye and pique your interest. However, it’s important to consider various dietary constraints and be thoughtful by including a few vegetarian and gluten-free options to accommodate guests.

You can never go wrong with classic snack choices like vegetables and dip, cheese and crackers, or party favorites such as pigs in a blanket. Many grocery stores offer pre-made pigs in a blanket in the frozen aisle, making it easy for you to pop them in the oven and serve them alongside condiments like ketchup, mustard, and mayo.

When it comes to beverages, offering a selection of wine, beer, and some soft drinks should suffice. There’s no need to set up a full home bar for this casual, afternoon affair. Keep it simple and ensure there are enough options to cater to different preferences.

By exploring local grocery stores and selecting a variety of tasty snacks and drinks, you can provide your guests with a satisfying spread without overwhelming yourself. Remember to enjoy the process and focus on creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere for your friends and neighbors to celebrate your new home.


When it comes to inviting guests to your housewarming party, going paperless is often the simplest approach if you have most of your friends’ email addresses. Sending digital invitations saves time and resources. For neighbors whom you have recently met, consider using text messages or even knocking on their doors a few days in advance to give them a friendly heads up about your gathering.

Since housewarming parties are generally more casual, there’s no need to require RSVPs. However, it’s a good idea to be prepared for unexpected guests. Purchase plenty of snacks and refreshments to ensure you have enough to accommodate everyone, even if more people end up stopping by than you had initially anticipated.

By utilizing paperless invitations and personally reaching out to neighbors, you can effortlessly extend the invitation for your housewarming party. Remember to keep the event relaxed and enjoyable, allowing your guests to mingle, explore your new home, and celebrate this exciting milestone with you.

Make it Festive

This is no ordinary gathering; it’s a housewarming party! Make the occasion feel special and unique by incorporating some fun and interactive elements. Here are a few ideas to elevate the celebration:

  • Personal contributions: Encourage guests to bring a business card or takeout menu from their favorite local spot. This not only sparks conversations about great places to visit but also allows guests to share their recommendations with each other.
  • Guided tour: Embrace the curiosity of your guests and give them a tour of your new space. Showcase the different rooms and highlight any unique features or renovations you’ve made. It’s a great way to engage your guests and make them feel more connected to your new home.
  • Fun and games: Incorporate games into the party to keep everyone entertained. Consider setting up a scavenger hunt with hidden surprises, word games related to moving or home decor, or memory games that challenge guests to recall housewarming-related facts. These activities create a lively atmosphere and encourage interaction among guests of all ages.
  • Regional flavors: If you’ve recently moved to a new city or region, embrace the local cuisine by serving bites and drinks that reflect the location. For example, if you’ve relocated to the South, include pimento cheese and deviled eggs in your menu. If you’re in Ohio, don’t forget to offer some buckeyes (peanut butter dipped in chocolate) for guests to enjoy. Showcasing regional flavors adds a personal touch and allows your guests to experience the tastes of your new home.

Arrange the Party Area

Since you’ll be serving snacks at your housewarming party, you can strategically scatter them around the party area in different spots. For instance, place drinks on the kitchen island along with a couple of plates of snacks. You can also set up additional snack items on the coffee table or kitchen table. The goal is to encourage guests to spread out, mingle, and explore different areas of your home, assuming you have enough space. By making snacks available throughout the party area, no one will feel the need to hover around the food, ensuring that everyone can enjoy the festivities and engage in conversations without feeling confined to one spot.

Don’t Stress About Decorations

If you’re still in the process of unpacking and haven’t fully organized your decorations, don’t worry! You can still create a welcoming atmosphere with smaller touches. Consider adding a couple of vases filled with fresh flowers to brighten up your space. Light some candles to create a warm and cozy ambiance. Don’t forget to include fun party accessories like cheeky cocktail napkins, whimsical plates, and patterned paper straws. These simple additions are easy to find and can add a touch of charm and ambiance to your home, even if you’re still in the midst of settling in. Embrace these smaller details to make your housewarming party feel inviting and enjoyable for your guests.


Avoid rushing around and feeling frazzled right before your guests arrive by allowing yourself plenty of time for party preparation. Start early so you can calmly and confidently greet your guests when they arrive.

It’s completely normal to feel a bit nervous, especially when meeting new people as an adult. However, remember that your neighbors are coming to your housewarming party because they are eager to get to know you. Embrace the opportunity to connect with them and be open to the possibilities that may arise from this gathering. You never know, a simple invitation to your housewarming party could lead to discovering a fabulous book club, joining an athletic league, or finding exciting volunteer opportunities. Don’t hesitate to make connections and step out of your comfort zone.

As you prepare for your party, maintain a positive mindset and remind yourself that this is an opportunity to foster new relationships and create meaningful connections within your community. Embrace the excitement and embrace the chance to form new connections and experiences.

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